Silicone medical Safetygoggles - For people who wear glasses


Production Description

  • The eyeglass are made of imported POLYCARBONATE materials, which are reinforced with precision work.
  • Ergonomic designwithoutmetal accessories, it looksmore openand wearing safer and more comfortable.
  • It is suitable for protection during examination and treatment in medical institutions, blocking splashing or splashing of body fluids and blood, and can also be used for daily protection.


How to use
1.When you use it, adjust the comfort level of the headband properly to

ensure that the eyepatch is tightly attached to the periphery of the eye socket.
2.After use, when taking off the Safety goggles, take it off by pinching the side against the head or ear, and according to the classification of medical wastes to discard it.

Silicone Medical Protective Goggle CKPG-200

Artikelnummer: CM00300
7,30 €Preis
    1. The face frame and nose pad are made of breathable medical silicone, which is soft and comfortable to wear.
    2. Double-sided anti-fog coating can prevent fogging on glasseseffectively.
    3. Elastic wear, compatible with myopia glasses.
    4. The 180-degree large window design provides a wider view.
    • Splash prevention
    • Light weight
    • Highly transparent
    • Striking resistant
    • Anti-fog surface


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